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“Faith” —Chi Alpha Oct.14, 2010

It amazes me how God “takes over” on Thursday nights.  Like this week…..

I was initially uncertain of the subject, not convinced I would actually end up teaching on Faith.  It seemed like a subject that could get very theological and heavy (i.e. Boring).  How would I make College Students “want” to hear about “Faith”.  It’s a word that is so generic in our culture, really more of word for your “religion” than a spiritual act.  As I delved into it further, it became more fascinating, and “do-able” as a subject.  Jesus didn’t want it to be a big, huge unattainable thing.  In fact, His advice was to go at it as a child.  This I could do…..

So, because of being able to observe the amazing amount of  faith my kids have in me, I was able to explain to the students what it means to truly have COMPLETE FAITH  in God…..for our Protection and Provision (Why do we worry and suffer with anxiety instead of having faith–Matt 6:25-24), for our healing (Matt. 17:14-20…faith the size of a mustard seed), and for our FRIENDS (Matt.9:2-8…the friends that brought their paralyzed friend to Jesus).

As usual, at XA @ The Edge, it was an amazing night!  God really spoke to the hearts of the students as they completed the sentence “By Faith in Christ I will…..”  on the “Faith Wall” us at the altar.

As I rolled down the streets of Winona on my way home at about 11:30 PM, I was again overwhelmed with the joy I get when I work with these amazing Winona State Students.  What a blessing.

I was also grieved as I saw that already the partying had begun for Homecoming Weekend at WSU….a weekend of drunkeness and bad decisions.  Lord, protect these students.  Bring them in to The Edge and in the path of Chi Alpha students when they are at the end of themselves.  We will be there, waiting with open arms.

So now, it’s off to campus I go.  We have a club fair today.  I love the opportunity to meet more students, and connect with current students, and give those current students the opportunity to share their Chi Alpha experiences with potential future “Chi Alphans” (Ya, I made that up…. I like it!)

See you on campus!  And at the Homecoming Parade and Game tomorrow!




Breakfast with Danielle

So happy I got to have breakfast with Danielle, The Edge Administrative Assistant! Yay!